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We're excited for your visit!


In order to ensure the highest quality experience,
we ask that all of our guests follow these simple guidelines.


Written and current vaccination records are required to enter the park. 
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Dogs one year of age and older must be spayed or neutered. Records should be submitted with vaccinations.


We ask that you please clean up after your dog promptly. Notify staff of any "unattended business."


Our staff reserves the right to determine if behavior is too aggressive and may ask you to take a timeout or come back another time.


Dogs may run freely and play off leash within the fencing of the park. Dogs must be kept on-leash in the entrance and bar area.


All dogs (and dog parents) should be well socialized and play well in groups.


Two-legged guests must be at least 21 years of age or accompanied by an adult to enter.


Edible or consumable toys, bones, and rawhide should be left at home.


Large dogs must remain in the large dog park. Small dogs can play in large or small park at owner's discretion.


We have a one strike policy for biting or overly aggressive behavior.

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