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When does the park open? Timeline?

  • Until we have obtained the funding needed to secure a location it is difficult to say but we are working hard to have a grand opening in early 2022. 

I'm interested in getting involved - What can I do?

  • We LOVE the enthusiasm and are so incredibly humbled by the number of folks who have reached out to offer their support. At this time we are still working to acquire funding which is our absolute top priority since it is critical for us to secure a location and really get the ball rolling on the rest of the work that needs to happen in order for us to open. As such, we are currently seeking a primary backer to help support the substantial start up costs. If you are seriously interested in becoming a financial partner or know someone who might be, please email

How will COVID-19 impact the park? The self-pour system?

  • Indoor activity: Since Illinois launched phase 4 in June, all gatherings of 50 people or fewer are allowed. Bars and restaurants are offering indoor seating and all salons, spas, and fitness clubs are also open for business. We don't know what the situation will look like by the time we're ready to open next year, but assuming COVID-19 is still a public safety concern at that point all Zoomies guests will be required to wear masks unless they are consuming a beverage at one of our socially distanced tables. We'd also like to make it known that in order to keep our facility odor free, the building will be equipped with the same type of industrial air purification system that cleanses the air for manufacturing operations in order to protect their workers from the noxious gases and airborne particulates produced by their processes.

  • Click here to learn more about how self-pour taps are just as safe, if not safer, than standard bar taps. 

  • Click here to learn more about how dogs are affected by COVID-19. (Spoiler, they're not.)

Will vaccines be required? Some sort of assessment required? Breed restrictions? Screening process?

  • All breeds are welcome, but good behavior is a must. In order for your dog to enter the park, all guests must complete an application with the purchase of their membership or visit pass. As part of the application process, Zoomies requires (1) any dogs over the age of 1 year must be spayed/neutered, (2) written proof of current vaccinations, and (3) an examination within the past year for any communicable diseases from your veterinary office. The following inoculations/vaccines are required:|

    • Rabies

    • Distemper

    • Hepatitis

    • Leptospirosis

    • Parainfluenza

    • Parvovirus

    • Bordatella

    • Negative fecal test

What will security be like? Trained staff? Self-policing? Monitoring drinking? Overnight access security?

  • Security: 

    • The park entrance will have a double door system - the first door will be unlocked during business hours and opens into a small breezeway. The breezeway will have an access window connected to the front desk so non-members can be assisted by a Zoomies staff member. The second door will be locked at all times and can only be opened by scanning a valid membership card or if a Zoomies team member buzzes you in. Both doors will be locked outside of business hours and will require scanning a valid membership card to unlock. There will be a separate door for exiting the park that can only be opened from the inside. Members will be expected to observe the rules and not let anyone enter the park through the exit. 

    • The park will be equipped with numerous security cameras so all activity throughout the park is recorded for later reference if any violations are reported or security breaches occur.  

  • Trained Staff:

    • During business hours, the park will be staffed with Zoomies team members who can assist you with any issues. Complaints or violations can be reported to a team member or through our portal online. All reported incidents will be investigated to determine the appropriate course of action. Please remember Zoomies maintains a strict one-strike policy for all members (two-legged and four-legged) whose behavior endangers the well-being and safety of others. 

  • Responsibility of our Visitors:

    • Zoomies is an indoor dog park, not a doggy daycare facility. All guests are responsible for monitoring their own dogs and intervening if any aggressive behavior is exhibited. Signing a liability waiver is a requirement to enter the park and Zoomies is not liable for any human or pet injuries caused by other park visitors. 

    • Zoomies members are also expected to help maintain a safe and secure environment, which means reporting any observed violations to a Zoomies staff member or through our online portal.

  • Alcohol Consumption:

    • Zoomies is an indoor dog park, not a bar. Our smart taps system monitors consumption and limits the number of pours each guest can have per visit. The taps will only be on during the hours that the park is staffed. In order to obtain and add funds to a smart-tap card, visitors must present their proof of ID to a Zoomies team member.

Are you hiring?

  • We aim to start building our team in the months leading up to our grand opening. That said, if you're interested in becoming a Zoomies team member and want to be among the first to be considered, please reach out to us at and let us know where you think you'd be a fit or click here to learn more!

How much does a membership cost?

  • Zoomies members all enjoy the same benefits, regardless of the time commitment that you choose.

    • 5 Visit Pass (no expiration, no membership benefits) - $50

    • Month-to-month membership - $79 per month 

    • 3 Month Membership - $200 (15% savings over month-to-month)

    • 6 Month Membership - $355 (25% savings over month-to-month)

    • 12 Month Membership - $570 (40% savings over month-to-month)

  • All members have unlimited access to doggy baths and more exclusive member-only benefits to come!

  • There is an additional monthly cost for members with multiple dogs that will range between 10%-20% per month depending on the length of your membership. Lower percentage for longer membership term. Howeverall pre-sale memberships apply to every dog in your household at present and in the future.


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