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Why Work at Zoomies?

  • As a new and growing company, Zoomies is actively looking for individuals who are as passionate as we are about the people and dogs that call Chicagoland home.

  • We believe in promoting internally. Experienced key staff will become an absolute necessity for our success as the business grows and changes to adapt to the demands of the Chicago market. Our vision is to grow our management team and key staff from within our walls and reward the people who helped make Zoomies a staple of the Chicago dog community.

If you are:​

  • Looking for a new career​ with opportunity for exponential growth

  • Passionate about dogs

  • Good with people

  • Looking to make a positive and lasting impact on a new organization

...Zoomies is a perfect fit for you.  Please e-mail with the subject line "Careers" and
tell us a little about yourself!

We're looking for...

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Park and Staff Manager

  • Customer Service/ Floor Staff

  • Front Desk / Administrative Staff

  • You! If you feel you have something to add to the organization that isn't listed above -- We'd love to hear about it!

...Oh yeah, did we mention you can bring your dog?

No more expensive doggie daycare. No more dog walker apps. Bring them in and let them play while you work.

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